What is the mission of the STEM from the START initiative?

Our mission is to have a positive and meaningful impact on K-2 STEM education by delivering an engaging, effective, easy-to-use STEM curriculum at no cost.

How did the project evolve?

The STEM from the START concept was created by Learniverse Educational Media, and was developed with the enthusiastic support and input from elementary school teachers, professional educators and technical advisors. In 2014, Learniverse joined forces with NHPTV to bring STEM from the START to a statewide and national audience.

What is unique about STEM from the START's approach to learning?

STEM from the START blends the robust visual appeal of animated narratives with hands-on teacher-guided activities. This 'view and do' approach strongly engages students of this age level, while providing opportunities for inquiry, analytic thinking and skill development.

How do you know STEM from the START works?

STEM from the START has been tested in classrooms and has received positive feedback from teachers and students. Areas in which the curriculum has won especially high marks are student engagement, content retention and ease of use.

Two of the most promising takeaways of the testing is that students who usually don't pay attention in class focus very intently during STEM from the START lessons, as do ESL (English as Second Language) student, who connect with the highly visual approach to new vocabulary.

What is the relationship between STEM from the START and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)?

STEM from the START is fully aligned with Next Generation Science Standards for K-2 physical science.

Does STEM from the START incorporate elements of STEAM as well?

There is growing evidence that adding Art to the STEM mix (creating STEAM) improves students' performance in the other four areas. STEM from the START embraces this approach and includes art-focused extension activities.