About the STEM from the START Initiative

Research shows that children form lasting attitudes towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) by the 3rd grade. However - much of the focus on STEM learning has been aimed towards the higher grades.

STEM from the START (SFTS) is designed for PreK-2 learners. Produced by New Hampshire PBS & Learniverse Educational Media, SFTS uses the power of educational video to help lay the groundwork for STEM subjects by engaging children in learning that is fun, engaging and long-lasting.

Each SFTS video lesson features The Quinks - 3 curious aliens named Quazar, Neutrina and Fluxx - who have come to Earth to learn about how things on our planet work. With the help of a human friend, they explore basic principles of physical science.

Each lesson is designed to be paused so educators and parents can engage children in guided discussions, hands-on experiments and scientific explorations, using the downloadable Discovery Guides for support during each section.