About the STEM from the START Initiative

Research shows that children form lasting attitudes towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) by the third grade. However, much of the focus on STEM learning has been on the higher grades.

STEM from the START is designed for PreK - 2 learners. Produced by New Hampshire Public Television and Learniverse Educational Media, STEM from the START uses the power of educational video to help lay the groundwork for STEM subjects by engaging children in learning that is fun, engaging, meaningful and lasting.

Each STEM from the START video lesson features the Quinks, three curious aliens named Quazar, Neutrina and Fluxx, who have come to Earth to learn about how things on our planet work. With the help of a human friend, they explore basic principles of physical science.

Each lesson is designed to be paused or stopped so educators and parents can engage children in guided discussions, hands-on experiments and scientific explorations provided in a downloadable PDF Discovery Guide.